Thursday, August 11, 2016

way late

I'm a huge pracsinator. I remember when I was pregnant with Kensi I packed my hospital bag around 35 weeks. Finn's was probably around 36 weeks. This time around I finished it today at 38 weeks + 5 days. This is a combination of laziness and letting everyday life get in the way.  
I found it more difficult to pack this time around because I also had to pack an over night bag for the  babes depending when I go into labor and who is our person to call for the day. Packing for a 'just in case' scenario is hard because we have to pack some everyday items and also can't forget to toss in a few things at the last second like their toothbrushes and their nighttime cuddle buddies. 
As for our hospital bag I went from completely overpacking with Kensi to completely under packing with Finn, and back to overpacking with baby girl. Why? Because every hospital is so freaking different. We learned that here we have to pack much more for Mike than we did in Omaha. And as for me, my extras include...

1) My breast pump because I was asked to hand express milk for Finn when he had to stay over night in the nursery. Hand express after a very difficult and painful delivery. I asked if they had a pump of any sort I could use and was told no, which was just awesome. Trying to fill syringes with colostrum only using your hand is not only flat out difficult, it's exhausting. 

2) Lots of magazines and a good book. When you're stuck at a hospital with day time tv and no way to watch a movie, you definitely need something to keep you entertained. 

3) My laptop. I'll be honest, once I see her beautiful little face I'll want to shop for her and the kids. Most likely finding as many matching outfits for her and Kensi to wear together. 

4) My pillow and light blanket. Hospital pillows are never as comfy as your own and having an extra layer of home comfort to keep you cozy always helps. 

5) Dry shampoo AKA a girl's best friend five days out of the week, along with my lip gloss and mascara so I actually feel better than I probably look. 
We’ve also made plans to do a lot of things at the last minute. Last week, I became so frustrated with our dog because I kept finding spots on the carpet in different places. She’s been having accidents because her bell broke and we hadn’t replaced it. After my near freakout we ran to a local dog shop, bought a new bell that the kids won’t be able to pull off the door and made an appointment to have our carpets cleaned. I’m so excited to have them professionally cleaned and the fact we don’t have to do it ourselves like we usually do, but more importantly, I’m so excited for the day when I can share we’re actually ripping out the carpet and installing new floors. That day really can’t come soon enough, especially with as much carpet as there is and us having a dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Stella to death, but when you mix in kids and accidents on carpet that your kids play’s infuriating. I can happily share that since replacing her bell, there have been zero accidents!
She really is a sweet little thing. Oh yeah, and she’s getting her hair cut this weekend as well. 

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