Friday, August 12, 2016

so much paint + paint tips

Our readers know we've been overhauling all the paint in the house the last several weeks with project after project. Hopefully after all the paint I can write a post about tile, as that's the next thing I would love to tackle. 
With so much painting we've gone through numerous rollers, brushes, trays and tape. More than we'd really like to admit to, but it comes with the territory. Today I'm sharing a few of our tips for making the painting process a little easier for the average diy-er. 

1. Blue tape or Green Tape? We've always experienced some sort of paint bleeding with Blue tape and opted to use the Green tape when we put up our board and batten in the entryway. The Green tape was awesome. We had very clean lines with no paint bleeding and it stuck to our wall very well. However, I got ahead of myself and taped off the upstairs rooms sooner than we were ready to paint and the tape was no longer sticking to our base boards and trim. We ended up ripping all the tape down and since we're repainting all our trim we painted everything free hand. So if you like to use tape, don't tape off a room until you're ready to paint and then remove it as soon as you're done to prevent the paint from drying and peeling away with the tape. 

2. Brush Brand. We've always had really good results with Purdy brushes. We've also used Wooster, but we've never had any issues with Purdy's brushes losing bristles or that sort of thing. 

3. Paint Finishes. Flat Paint: We hate flat paint and really don’t see much of a purpose for it at this point. Yes it hides the most imperfections on a surface, but also holds and shows every fingerprint, rub or scuff mark, and is very difficult to clean. A lot of people use this for walls and we think they’re crazy (sorry!), but we’ve been told it’s best for ceilings. Eggshell: Has a little sheen to it and easy to clean. Best for walls such as in bedrooms and main living spaces. Satin: More sheen than eggshell and harder to hide wall imperfections. Very easy to clean. We like to use this finish in our bathrooms. Semi-Gloss: Very high sheen. Very, very easy to clean. Best for trim and cabinets. This finish shows the most imperfections on surfaces so be prepared to see every 'character' mark.  

4. Paint Fumes: I've read you can add vanilla extract to paint to keep the scent more pleasant, but I've never actually tried this. We run our diffuser during and after the process to eliminate paint fumes. My favorite essential oils to diffuse right now are grapefruit and peppermint. It makes the entire room smell so good and gets rid of paint fumes quicker. You can also add a few drops of your favorite oil (citrus recommended) directly into your paint can and mix vigurously before using. 

What are some of your favorite painting tips and tricks? We'd love for you share! 

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