Monday, August 1, 2016

nine months

Maybe we'll make it to ten months? The chalkboard is ready, but I don't know if it'll happen. 

How Far Along: 9 months
Weight Gained:  23 lbs . I haven’t gained any additional weight in my last three appointments.
Nausea: None
How Am I Feeling: Lots of back, pelvic and leg pains. Also feeling huge at this point. I can definitely tell I’m retaining water with this crazy heat like I’ve never done before.
Maternity Clothes: Dresses and skirts are still my jam along with anything else that fits.
Sleep: The body pillow has officially been added and Mike has nearly zero room to sleep.
Cravings: Lots of fruit, meat and salads.
Food Aversions: Leftovers are still gross.
Movement: Baby girl is head down and feeling her head turn can be painful. She’s also stretching her hands and arms above her head if that’s even possible and it can be so painful that I’m frozen in whatever position until she moves again.
Belly Button In or Out: It’s actually flat most days now.
Gender: Girl
Names: Kensi still loves Lucy and we’re considering names that she could use the nickname Lulu and possibly Lucy. But knowing Kensi no matter what the name, she’ll probably call her Lucy, even if her name was something like Emma.
What I'm Looking Forward To: I can’t wait to hold this sweet little girl.
What's Different With This Pregnancy: Retaining as much water as I am. I feel like a walking human waterbed that’s all squishy.
What I'm Missing: Energy. Getting down to these last few weeks is absolutely exhausting especially with two kiddos.
How Are We Preparing: I still haven’t packed the bag yet! It needs to happen asap...or when I have the energy, or when I’m walking out the door to the hospital.  

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