Saturday, August 24, 2013


Yesterday, we spent the afternoon chilling on the beach. Just a normal Friday afternoon activity that I have to get use to. It feels very surreal now that Mike has every Friday off since he works a 4-10 schedule and knowing we live in a beach town. This would be surreal for any land locked native. But I'm definitely not complaining :) 
This wasn't Kensi's first time visiting the beach, but it was the first time that she could actually explore the sand and water. 

Baby girl, 
You were so excited to see the ocean. You've become a very good listener and although not always patient, you wait for mommy and daddy for everything. You were confused by the sand as you didn't know how to move in it. It was hot on your little toes and you jumped into our arms to be up. 
The three of us walked down to the water. It was a calm day for the waves which put me as ease as I'm so afraid of the dangers water brings. You had no fear. You sat down right on the edge where the water and sand met and squealed with excitement as each wave crashed and the water slowly chased you and touched your little body. 
You also found joy in chasing the seagulls and watching the pelicans dive into the water. Daddy showed you how to play in the sand. You became confused when the sand was all over you, you didn't know how to get rid of it. We found sand in your ears, under your arms and on your eyes. 
When it was time to go home you waved goodbye to the ocean, the birds and all the people. It wasn't long and you feel asleep in the car. You looked so content and we knew it was a great day. 

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