Sunday, August 18, 2013


Each day this past week we've had rain, rain and more rain. We were lucky enough to sneak in a couple walks and a trip to the park in between thunderstorms. 
We spent our rainy evenings over the weekend vegging out on the couch with homemade min-e pizzas and lots and lots of movies. 

Saturday night we wined and dined on a cheese plate. Have you ever done that? We tend to do this at least a couple times a month. Pick out some of your favorite cheeses, crackers, olives, fruits and veggies. The Hubster and I love trying new cheeses and we've found the best place to pick some up is from Whole Foods. Usually you can find a barrel of small chunks of cheese that are more or less leftovers from the larger blocks. But they're priced well and it's the perfect size for trying something new. 
I always snag a few items from the olive bars at the grocery store too. Some of my favs are dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), green olives, roasted red peppers and marinated bocchini. 
What are some of your favorite rainy night food indulgences? 

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  1. This looks so yummy! I always forget about cheese, crackers, and other nosh kinds of foods, but I do love it. Makes me want to put a tray together this weekend :D


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