Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Tripping to Our New State

Whew! I am so glad to finally be writing a new post after such a hectic couple of months. House hunting and moving are exhausting and have kept us very busy with very little free time. 
We said 'see you soon' to all our family and friends in Nebraska on Tuesday as we drove away with a trailer in tow to our temp living in North Carolina. We spent three days on the road and way too many nights in hotel rooms. Although since we were driving through several states we took at least one photo in each state on the fly from my phone, mostly of this cute munchkin. 
Kensi crashed out minutes after hitting the road the first day. 

A blueberry picnic in Missouri. 

Annoyed in Illinois. Kensi was not happy getting back on the road on day two. 

Coffee break with dad in Kentucky. 

Miss independent loved her Tennessee grits! She couldn't get enough of them! 

Kensi took it upon herself to drive through North Carolina while we stopped for gas. 

We finally arrived to our destination and we can officially call ourselves east coasters again, although we will always be Midwesterners at heart. 

Until we return to The Good Life, We will be enjoying our little bites of Nebraska. 
Bakery's Candies Meltaways, Greenwood, Ne 

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