Monday, August 12, 2013


Our first official weekend in North Carolina was spent fighting the scorching heat and scarfing down good ol' southern BBQ. Did I mention we had a three day weekend? And the fact that with Mike's new job EVERY weekend is a THREE DAY WEEKEND? I'm not going to lie, it's pretty awesome! 
All week we've been exploring our new area and neighborhood and spent time in the pool and parks. Kensi loves to swim, but she gives me a heart attack every time since she has no fear of the water and will end up learning the dangers of it the hard way. 
She learned how to climb and go down the slide on her tummy. It makes my heart BURST with joy as she runs over the wood chips and wiggles her little monkey body up each step. 

We've also found a great little frozen yogurt shop close by which makes for a great cool down treat. Kensi adores it and loves to get her own bite with her own spoon. Where did my little baby go? She's such a big girl now. 

This weekend Wilmington held their first BBQ Rib Fest at Battleship Park. With several competitors, we tried delicious finger lickin' food from three different teams. 
Kensi was hating the heat, but was quickly distracted by 'the pig'. This girl loves all things animal like, that aren't real. She totally spased when she saw this pig trophy and had to pet it. 
Not long after meeting her new pig friend,  we dove into all the BBQ goodness they had to offer. Kensi's favorite however wasn't BBQ at all, it was a South Carolina peach! 

If I do say so myself, anyone who doesn't like BBQ, cough-cough-Matt-cough, (Mike's younger brother) are just crazy :)
Next weekend we're hitting the beach! Pray for some great weather for us! 

Happy Monday! 

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