Thursday, August 22, 2013


Since moving to the east I've felt more and more of an urge to make some big changes to our blog. Not only are we starting fresh in a new city, but we're also starting brand new adventures. We've decided to build our house (super exciting!!!), but that also means many rooms for decorating. I've also decided to throw myself even more so in my sewing and revamping my Etsy shop as well. Ambitious I know, but if I don't go for it, when will I? 
Now that we're back on our own, we can feel our old selves slowly coming back and we are so happy and feel content. Kensi is adapting well and we're starting our weekly rituals which include our trips for a special treat once a week which usually ends up being the ice cream shop. Mike and I love going and starting our own little family traditions because we know it will be something our children will remember, but Kensi couldn't really care less about the memory part at this point, she just knows that she gets sprinkles on her ice cream and she squeals with excitement every time. This girl has shown us to enjoy all the small things in life again. She's more than a cherry on top of our world...she's a whole bunch of sprinkles...constantly making our everyday life that much better.
We'll continue to post great recipes, DIY tutorials, and Kidlit fun activities. We're also excited to share how we will be turning our new house into our home each step of the way along with our crazy everyday life. We hope you'll continue sharing each adventure with us as we welcome you to Sprinkles on Top!

Happy Friday Eve!

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