Thursday, September 5, 2013


School has officially begun all over the states. I know our schools went back last week and I'm a bit relieved because the parks and pools are a little quieter now. Kensi doesn't go to preschool yet, but has a former pre-k teacher I love this time of year for all the back to school shopping. And who says Kensi and I can't do a little of our own?!?! 
Each year I restock my supply of pens, pencils, crayons and notebooks. But each year they come out with even cuter items for me and now Kensi. These are some of my favorite current obsessions for our nearly 15 month old.
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Each year teachers try and restock different items on the cheap for their classrooms because they get destroyed from the previous year, pieces go missing or all of a sudden you find out you're getting extra students and need more items for them. Some of the items listed are not necessarily cheap, but they are types of items that I believe every child should have to start building their education. 
1. First of all cars and other vehicles that move are not just for boys. These types of toys are great to have at home, in the playroom or even at school because they help your little one understand motion, shapes, transportation and imagination. 
2. Books, books books. I can't say it enough. There's really no other explantation to be added here, except if you haven't picked up a Charley Harper children's book, you're totally missing out!!!! 
3. Matching games (Memory) are awesome for kidlits of all ages! Yes all ages. I'm so over the cardboard ones with all the characters on them.....ekk! But I'm so deeply in love with all wooden sets that are so classic and look vintage. This set is from PlanToys, but there are sets just like this popping up everywhere. Etsy, The Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids, etc. They are going to last so much longer than the cardboard tile ones by far. Oh and aside from the cuteness factor, for little kidlits they can begin recognizing the different pictures, begin matching and move into memory.
4. Puzzles....This is just like books....very important! Puzzles help children build their math skills and motor skills. This puzzle in particular has an added bonus of the numbers on the owls which can help with counting and number recognition.
5. Backpacks are a great way to let your little one have something completely their own that they can be responsible for. I know it may sound crazy, but kids do get excited about being able to put all the cool things into a bag all their own. Make it even more fun and exciting and choose one like this that looks like an animal. They can learn to take it with them when they go in the car, on a trip, to the library, and on the plane.

Happy Friday Eve!

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