Thursday, September 26, 2013


With the house coming along, I've been spending a lot of time looking at how I can decorate our new space. What I'm currently crushing over right now are all things plum and gold along with cute inspirational prints for my future office/craft/design room. 

Ronald Dahl Print | One of my favorite authors growing up, this chic, fun and brightly colored print from Etsy would be super cute in an office space or a playroom.

Plum Throw | I am a huge blanket hog, it's a weird obsession, but can you really have too many blankets? I love them because they can add the perfect touch to a bed, chair or couch if you need a pop of color, pattern or texture. Plus it makes things so much more cozy and can easily be swapped out throughout the year.

Gold Chevron Tray | I love this tray for keeping things organized on a coffee table. Although I would have to do a lot of convincing The Hubster to let me spend nearly $100 on this beauty. You can easily DIY this at a fraction of the cost.

Vintage Plum Glasses | We will have a bare wall above part of our countertops in our kitchen and we're thinking of doing the whole open shelf concept. It's a great way to display some of our favorite kitchen pieces, and I would love to add some colored drink-ware to the shelf.

Teacup Magnets | I've never been a big magnet person. To be honest I usually hide them all on the side of the fridge, but I think I can change if there were only really cute ones on there. Plus I'm going to need something to display all of Kensi's little pictures!

Paper & Burlap Wreath Kit | Oh Happy Fall! I really love wreaths on the front door, but how come the interior doors always get left out? This wreath is a kit  so you'd have to put it together on your own, but what a cute way to dress up a boring door.

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