Thursday, September 12, 2013


We decided to build a new house by a local builder. We always wanted to buy an older home and remodel, but since moving to a city knowing no one, it wasn't the best idea for us. We were afraid we'd run into something major and without our family around to help, we felt it had a huge possibility of becoming a disaster. We shopped around and looked at a few homes that have been updated, but they were just outside our price range and we knew we would want to make changes. 
We were very reluctant on building new through a local builder, but after lots of prayer and discussing our options with our closest friends and family, we felt it was the best fit for us right now. One of the big factors in choosing this route was the cost per square foot. We're getting much more house for our $$$. 
You'll find local builders just like ours in almost every city. The houses are definitely not custom, but they do have a lot of potential and we're hoping to show you how. 

Once we decided on our floor plan, we chose our lot and were able to go to the design studio to choose our style. We had our budget set and with the base price of the house, our budget allowed for roughly $10,000 in upgrades. (One tip we picked up from our don't want to spend more than $10,000 in upgrades on your house in order to keep the house relevant and within it's appraisal price compared to what you're actually paying). This can be hard, but it's important to make a list of your must haves and your wants. Your wants can always come later down the road.
|not our actual house, just a spec|

Once we signed our paperwork we were given the ultimate pricing sheet for our layout that had every single possible upgrade. For those who have some knowledge of home building costs, you'd be shocked how overpriced certain items are. But if you don't have much knowledge, you can easily stumble into a world of over priced items that don't have much glitz or glamour. 
That's why we are sharing our experience of home building. Mike and I both come from DIY families and we are very capable of doing things ourselves.
We love learning how to do new things and love to get our hands dirty even more. Much of my family is in construction and have built many homes. So here we are, come along with us and hopefully we can help you turn your newly built house into a beautiful home, saving you cash in the process. 

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