Tuesday, September 10, 2013


For the longest time we struggled with Kensi taking any sort of sippy cup that didn't have a nipple. Remember when I wrote the Fabulous Find about meal time? I really couldn't recommend any sippy cup. She had a hard time figuring out the whole tipping the cup up to get any water or milk and she hated it. I felt like giving up out of frustration, thinking it would never happen until one day when she went for my water bottle with a straw and started drinking. Excited doesn't describe how I felt as I watched her finally master something new! I think this bottle in particular worked as well as it did because of the mouth piece, it makes for an easy transition because she's still sucking like she did with a bottle. 
It's now 4 months later and she can successfully drink from a straw, but these are still our favorite. Plus they're great for traveling because they don't leak and they're all dishwasher safe. The only downfall...the cute prints eventually wear away.
You can find the kids sized water bottles almost everywhere now. I always pick ours up at Target, but you can find them at any sports store or on Amazon.

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