Thursday, September 26, 2013


Last week my mama visited us from home. She was our first visitor since moving and it was comforting having her here. We lived with my parents for a year and a half and it was stressful and we're so happy to be on our own again, but there's always something so comforting about having your mama. 

She has only been to North Carolina while driving through on vacation so we had some places she needed to visit. We spent the weekend in Southport, a small town that has been used as a location for filming. Their latest blockbuster was Safe Haven which was filmed last summer. My mom and I are huge Nicholas Sparks fans so we made sure to stop and check out where they did most of their filming for the movie. 
My moms big thing was to eat on the water. There are a few different places to choose from and it's not so much about the food as it is the atmosphere. We were able to watch the sunset and it was stunning. 

We also did some shopping and one thing I miss a lot about home is a store called Tannebaums located in the Old Market in Omaha, it's an all year Christmas store. Well, we found a year round Christmas store in Southport and it's entire two story house! Seriously, every wall to wall and floor to ceiling is bursting at its seams with Christmas! It doesn't hurt either that they also carry almost every possible flavor of salt water taffy, addict right here. Kensi loved the store just as much, but I think her favorite part was dad buying her first candy necklace. 
Do you see all that magical, festive goodness behind them?!?!

I was very grateful to have my mom visit a whole week, not only did she get to spend a lot of time with Kensi and help me perfect some of my patterns, but she gave Mike and I two date nights. Man did we need those! Mike took me downtown to Front Street Brewery, the only local brewery where we live and they definitely delivered. I can't even remember which brew I had because I couldn't pronounce it, but it was delicious. I paired mine with a salmon BLT, uhhhh yum! 
Even though she stayed a full week, and I'll see her next month, I still can't wait for her to come visit again once we have the house done! 
Okay, last picture. My mom caught this one. Kensi was taking her own pictures on my phone while we swung on the swings overlooking the ocean in Southport. She's just a little nugget! 

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