Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We spent our Labor Day weekend in Maryland visiting old friends from when we use to live up there. It was a 6 hour drive which wasn't too bad, the worst part was the horrendous Virginia, D.C and Maryland traffic. If you've ever driven in it, you know my pain; if you haven't, consider yourself blessed! I swear it has to be the worst traffic in the states, yes possibly worse than L.A. 
Downtown Frederick, MD

It was so hard to believe we moved a year and half ago, it seemed like we were just there yesterday. We drove by our first apartment (bittersweet) where there were some of our best memories from our first year married. We also stopped by my old preschool where I taught and was welcomed back with open arms before I was even through the doors! It was comforting and familiar and I missed it. My students are no longer there as they've graduated and moved on to elementary school. All my babies who were barely talking and walking are now in preschool with long hair and sass! Hardly recognizable. 
The best part of the trip was finally having Kensi meet everyone we left behind in Maryland. Along with one of my closest friends who had a baby just three days before Kensi was born. We joke they'll marry each other someday. 

Together we spent an afternoon at the splash park, which by the way is a great deal of fun, even for the mamas and daddies. Kensi and B loved getting drenched by the fountains and buckets of water.

Both of them were exhausted from all the fun. I know both were cranky and crashed out as soon as they got back in the car. I can't wait for these two love birds to have another play date. 
Saying goodbyes were hard as these two would not stop hugging each other. Totally heart melting! 

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