Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It's almost my favorite time of year and yes we've already started picking up some new items for Kensi's closet. She's nearly outgrown all her shoes and tops (18 months) and I'm excited to add new pieces. Kensi is obsessed with bats and Halloween so when we saw the cat dress from Brickyard Buffalo and bat tee from Gap we knew they would be great for her. 
I also love muted colors for fall like the mustard shirt and fushia polka dot dress. I love that both these colors can really be worn all through winter and even into spring as long as they still fit. They can also be paired with pretty much any black or brown boot or even sparkly Toms for a bit of a toddler fashion twist. 

I've even started picking up a few gender neutral items for Baby B #2. Lots of creams and gray are going on. I'm gushing over the footed velour pants right now at BabyGap because they'll keep the little nugget's toes warm all winter long and it will be one less day I'll have to worry about socks falling off. 

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