Monday, November 17, 2014


I cried when I turned 20. Yes cried. And it was at work. I was upset leaving my teen years behind, knowing I was being fledged into full adulthood. Not to say my twenties haven't been good, but there's been a lot of highs and lows. Over the weekend we celebrated turning 29, my last twenty. It seems a little weird because for me it was one of those numbers you never really thought would come around, but somehow it's here and it's a little blurry how that happened. My loves made sure my birthday was anything but an ordinary day. I was greeted by Kensi first thing in the morning with 'happy bifday mama, I luv you'. That right there, made it the best twenty-something birthday. After literally rolling out of bed Kensi and Mike had flowers already in a vase, coffee made and a gift from Kensi wrapped. She was so excited for me to open it and insisted I didn't wait a minute longer. While unwrapping the paper our conversation was the sweetest....

Kensi: “Open present Mommy”
Me: “It this from Daddy?”
Kensi: “Noooo Mama! Me!”
Me: “Ohhh, do you know what it is? What is it?”
Kensi: “Ahhhh? Ahhh? Hmmm? I forgot!”
I open it up.
Me: “Kensi, it’s a scarf. It’s so pretty. Look at the beautiful flowers”
Kensi: “Oh, so pretty mama”
Me: “Did you pick this out?”
Kensi: “Ahhh....nope! Daddy did!”

Seriously?!?!?! I think 2 year old conversations are the best!
I was treated with breakfast at our favorite diner downtown, The Dixie Grill. Everything they make is mouth-watering amazing. We kept Kensi entertained by building towers with jelly and creamer. What kid didn't do this at a breakfast joint? 
Later, I was completely spoiled with a much needed massage and a surprise dinner and dessert with our friends. The best part was dessert, a tuxedo cake. And not just a slice, an entire cake! This beauty is so scrumptious, it's ridiculous. A layer of chocolate cake, cheesecake and topped with chocolate mousse. Seriously ridiculous! I literally ate a piece every single day for 5 days in a row. Hello scale at the doctor’s office....what’s that gigantic number? 
Regardless of my stubbornness of turning 29, I know it's going to be a great year. How couldn't it be after such a great start? 

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