Saturday, November 22, 2014


How Far Along: 38 weeks
Weight Gained: 27 lbs 
Nausea: I felt a little nausea Thursday night. 
How Am I Feeling: I almost didn't make it to week 38; Contractions started Thursday night lasting about 2 hours, 10 minutes apart. But everything stopped around 11pm. 
Maternity Clothes: Pajama pants are my jam. I’m even wearing them in this photo, thank you Lord for cropping.
Sleep: I’m sleeping well most nights, but to flip from side to side feels like way more of a challenge than it’s worth.
Cravings: After eating cake every single day this past week I've been eating as much fruit and salad as I possibly can. 
Food Adversions: Pork and brussle sprouts. 
Movement: My belly took the shape of a football quite a few times this week. I can feel the baby grinding its little head very low....not super comfortable. 
Belly Button In or Out: Out! It popped immediately around 8 weeks. 
Gender: Unknown. 
Names: We consolidated our list of names and brought it down to five of each. 
What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm excited to meet this little nugget! Any day he or she could make their debut! 
What's Different With This Pregnancy: When my contractions started I became really sad thinking about how it won't just be Kensi and I anymore. I'm so excited for the adventure of a new baby and I know Kensi is going to be an incredible big sister, but it's a little bittersweet. 
What I'm Missing: A glass of wine sounds soo good right now. 
How Are We Preparing: We're trying to get as much stuff done around the house. I'm completely over fall decor so we pulled out all our Christmas decorations and we're slowly putting some up each day. 

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