Friday, November 7, 2014


This was the first year Kensi came back with a decent amount of candy from Trick or Treating and in the last week I have eaten waaaay too much, even for being preggo. We needed a way to get rid of it and we came across The Candy Fairy which is a spin off of The Switch Witch.

Found on Hol:Fit

Kensi, Mike and I all picked out a few of our favorites, packed the rest of the candy into a box and put it on the porch.  {Mike took it all into work}. Later that same day we did a little swap and Kensi had a package waiting just for her from the Candy Fairy, a trade for all the candy she sent. When the doorbell rang it was the cutest thing ever as Kensi jumped and started shouting 'The Candy Fairy! The Candy Fairy!' She was excited and it took all the leftover candy off our hands.

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