Thursday, January 15, 2015


This is really my first week back to our new normal routine or I should say creating a new normal routine. I can proudly say dinner has been home cooked every night so far this week, the dishwasher has been running on the regular and I've actually been able to get some workout in. Unfortanetly, we spent a couple days in our jams, the bathrooms are still waiting to be cleaned, the floors vacuumed and the laundry folded. Yes, Trish my laundry is still sitting on my bedroom floor in piles. At least I know it's clean.
A serious cuteness overload. These are literally going to make my heart burst. 
Speaking of laundry....more like clothes, Finnley is one big boy and growing by the second. I was seriously surprised that he even fit into any of the newborn clothes I had bought for Christmas. They didn't fit long, but we at least made it through A few weeks. Now it's the middle of January {6 weeks old} and he fits perfectly in his 0-3 month clothes. 
According to his last checkup his height is off the charts and I'm not at all surprised because his onesies are the things we're struggling with the most. This kid is going to be wearing 3-6 month size clothes {at least onesies} in a few weeks if he keeps this up! So much for trying to buy some winter clothes for next year, he'll probably be a size 2. SLOOOOW DOWN BUDDY!
On a very happy note little Finn man is 6 weeks old and I am actually wearing real jeans! No elastic waistband needed. It's amazing what an accomplishment it is to wear real clothes after baby. 
We also caught some of Finn's first smiles this week! What is it about ceiling fans and babies? Whatever it is, he thinks they're funny...apparently really funny :) 

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