Monday, January 26, 2015


WOW! I haven’t written a Fabulous Find post in months! That’s not to say I haven’t found great products, it’s just I’ve kinda been missing something called time. But what’s even funnier, I feel like I have more of it now, even with two does that make sense? Maybe because I’m making myself be way more organized than I have been this past year. 
Back to the point.....
When I first had Kensi I purchased and used a Baby K’Tan wrap for our outings and even to wear around the house. It worked well for me, but because you had to buy them in sizes my hubby could never use it because it was just way too tight. Even as Kensi grew I used it less and less. 
This time around I really wanted to try a body wrap and after reading the story behind Sollybaby Wraps I couldn't help but want to try her wrap and even give my business to a family like them. So I decided to order one a couple months before Finn arrived and you know it's already hard enough waiting for that due date because you so badly want to meet that little nugget growing inside you, well this just made it worse because not only was I dying to meet this baby, but now I wanted to carry this new baby in my cool, new looking, super soft baby wrap. I did try it with one of Kensi's baby dolls, but it just wasn't the same {giggle}. Shortly after we brought Finn home from the hospital I tried the wrap out and let me tell you, I've been intimated to try other wraps because of all the fabric and you have to lay this piece here and that piece over there and then if you pull this through that and tuck that over there....and criss cross here and here and then oh yeah swing that over your arm....this wrap was nothing like that, it was so stinkin easy. It took me two times to figure it out and it was just to learn how to tighten it more than anything. Finn absolutely loves being carried in it. Sure he likes to poke his head out, but he's not overly squished inside and we can adjust everything so easily. On top of all that, the material is really soft and breathable; you're not going to die from a sweat attack wearing it. The Hubster really likes it too, he's comfortable wearing Finn when we run errands and it's sexy when you see your hubby like that, I'm just sayin'! I will be ordering a second Solly Wrap just tap I have one for at home and one for the car. 

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