Friday, January 2, 2015


The last two weeks have been filled with shopping, baking, getting Christmas ready, family visiting and lots and lots of eating. It's been pretty awesome to be away from the computer and having Mike home; a real vacation from what we do day to day. 

We were so excited to welcome my sister Trish and her family from AZ to our home for the very first time. We spend Thanksgiving or Christmas every year together and since Finn's due date altered our typical plan for thanksgiving this year, they made sure to spend Christmas with us. We had the weirdest weather; days as high as 74 and other as low as 38. We took them to our favorite spots and also spent some time on the beach. 

We also rung in the New Year together. New Year's is my least favorite holiday, but It's my favorite holiday to celebrate at home with movies and good food. We spent the night sprawled out on the couch and floor, munching on popcorn and way too much sugar. Most of us even fell asleep before it hit midnight. 

To be honest i was happy to say goodbye to 2014. We had some pretty awesome things happen like Finnley, but it was a hard year. We faced some new challenges and I'm ready for a new start. We decided to make it completely fresh and new by welcoming the new year by watching its first sunrise. It was stunnin and cold, a chilly 30 degrees, but well worth it. 

It was actually really neat to see so many others greeting the first sunrise of the year. I kind of felt like I was part of the movie City of Angels where all the angels meet at the beach to watch the sunrise each morning. Although, there were a few people who were there because they were still up from their midnight celebrations and we can assume this based on their hilarious conversations. 
We know 2015 will be a great year for us and our families. For starters, both of my parents are here visiting us. BOTH! My dad hasn't taken a vacation in 18 years! And the best part about him being here is he was able to visit Trish and meet Finnley. I would have hated for them to have to wait until summer to meet. 

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