Thursday, January 8, 2015


To be completely honest...I really thought I was going to have a girl and when this chunk of a boy came out I was shocked. I was completely thrown off and literally had my world flipped upside down. I remember thinking 'what the heck do I do, it's a boy.' But as soon as I cradled him in my arms he showed me our life wasn't meant to be filled with anything other than him. 
Finnley is one of the most smuggliest babies I have ever met. He just curls his legs up, tucks his hands in and nuzzles his head right into your chest. He loves to be patted on the back and enjoys looking around at everything. He's constantly taking people in and just listens so intently. The past couple weeks he has been spoiled by family and is constantly being held. 

{Month One Milestones}
-tons of dark hair-
-chunky rolls-
-eats, poops & sleeps-
-family visits-
-1st trip to the beach-
-1st christmas-

Kensi has been an awesome helper. She is very protective and doesn’t like anyone to touch, talk or even look at ‘my baby’. When we’re out and about I put her on Finn Duty...don’t let anyone touch him! I figure people will take it better coming from her rather than me, after all they’ll just brush it off as her being cute and protective when in reality I’m thinking ‘get your germs away from us!’

We’ve had a lot of talks about what Finn can and can’t do. Every morning Kensi comes into our room and asks if her baby is big enough to play in the bouncer. She drops her head in disappointment every time we tell her not yet and ask her what Finn can do right now. She responds with, "eats, seeps and poops. Oh and potty mom!” So now we’ve turned it into a song we sing to Finn and Kensi thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.

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