Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There are a lot of things I really love, collect and can admit obsessed with. Let's name a few, shall we? 
Anything small. Like really small, small enough to fit on my knick knack shelf talking small. 
Measuring spoons. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when shopping for measuring spoons especially from Anthropology. They turn it into an art form and its spectacular. And for one of my biggest obsessions...trim....more importantly, pom pom and tassel trim. I feel like I can always find a way and a place for pom poms: window curtains, table runners, blankets and stockings. This year I'm attempting to make our stockings for this coming Christmas {yep I'm already thinking about it}. I loved Anthropology's pom pom stocking this past year and plan on using them as inspiration. But aside from that, Kensi will also get a few adorn in her room that is still a work in progress. I swear it takes us  forever to finish something, meaning no her room is still not done. So ridiculous. This will be the year, yes it will. 

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