Thursday, December 24, 2015

festive snowmen cookies: circa 1986

I still remember the magazine article my mom has folded a hundred times in her brown, over stuffed, cracked recipe book. She found the recipe the year after I was born {1986} and it has frosting stuck to it. These cookie snowmen are my favorite cookies to make for Christmas and all winter long. Although, this crazy warm weather doesn't make it feel like either. 

As Finn slept off his cold, Kensi and I were able to spend one on one time together making these fun and sweet treats. To make a snowman we rolled a 1 inch ball for the bottom, 3/4 inch for the middle and 1/2 inch ball for the top. Place them very close together so they touch and press down on them gently. Kensi loves to the add the two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and two to three cinnamon red hots for the buttons. Sometimes she insists on leaving the cinnamon red hots off hers. "Too spicy for me mama, you eat them." Gladly, my sweet girl. 
Pop the semi-decorated snowmen into the oven at 325 degrees F for 18-20 minutes. Let them cool completely. 

Once cooled, make a simple frosting {we used Royal Icing for a firm setup} and use a piping bag and your favorite tip. We like to use a star tip. Pipe a scarf between the head and torso. Then use the piping as glue to stick the halved peanut butter cup to the top of the head and add a little more frosting to cover the seam. Finish by dusting with powdered sugar. 

Mini Peanut Butter Cups OR Hershey Kisses, halved {hat}
Mini Chocolate Chips {eyes}
Cinnamon Red Hots {buttons}
Icing {scarf}
Powdered Sugar {snow}

This is the same article where we scored one of my favorite sugar cookie doughs. I love the flavor because it calls for almond and coconut extract. You can find the recipe HERE, this dough does need to chill before being used. Decorating is the best part. With a hat, little scarf and dusting of snow, these little men {and women} are ready to go!

Our church held a cookie competition for the kids which we all know the cookies are made by the parents with help from the kids. We made our little snowman because it's a simple cookie Kensi can help create. We packed all our snow people up, took them to church, and registered under Kensi and Finn. Mr. and Mrs. Claus came as a surprise visit and tried every cookie. At the end of the night our pastor gathered all the kids who baked cookies in front of the stage and announced the winners for third and second place. The kids were all so excited! They did a drumroll for the first place winner and it was....'The Snowman' by Kensi and Finn! Kensi was shocked she won and then immediately became scared to death and clung to Mike. She feared going up to the stage to claim her prize and was nearly in tears. Once she was able to calm down and realized her and Finn actually won they gave each other high fives and kisses. The cutest thing I may have ever seen! 

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