Wednesday, June 22, 2016

insanity creates sanity

We've been a little distracted around here with projects and more importantly me being ridiculously tired and not being able function like a normal human being since being pregnant and chasing after my circus animals. We had no idea how well we could juggle, but apparently we're not too bad.
 I feel like our house is in complete disarray each day with toys, dirty dishes and don't even get me started on the laundry situation. 
We have so many projects that are have done which we're trying to finish just so we can cross them off the list. The list just keeps growing as I get bored and start a new project each week. It's stupid. I don't even like living in chaos, but yet here I am creating it! 

We finally finished painting Kensi's room, but now we want to add crown. We finished the outdoor table, secretary desk and board & batten, but I'm ready for another project. While Mike is being Mr. Awesome and reconfiguring the kids' closets, Im getting ready to start the process of painting our kitchen cabinets. Yes, I am insane. I'm fully aware. I'm insane and driving Mike insane. It's just how it works in our house. Who else makes big events even bigger by using them as a deadline for projects? It seems to be a habit for us. 
Before we do create more chaos in our house we're crossing an item or two off our summer bucket list and heading to Maryland for a little weekend trip. Some cooler weather and good times with great friends is exactly what we need. 

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