Wednesday, June 1, 2016

memorial weekend

Happy June! Our Memorial weekend was busy and filled to the rim with activities along with so much rain from the tropical depression. We started our weekend off with Kensi’s last dance class and her first dance recital. All the sweet girls in her class put on an incredible performance for it being their first time on the big stage in the bright lights. The girls remembered most of their steps and kept beautiful smiles on their faces. As soon as they came off the stage from their finale I swear a switch was flipped and the tired-crankiness came bouldering through. Kensi in particular was so exhausted especially after coming off our vacation earlier in the week and she wanted nothing to do with pictures. She was so ready for a nap, but luckily we were able to snap a few good ones to capture her big day.
It rained all weekend and it’s still raining today. On Sunday we let Kensi and Finn play in the rain for the afternoon. Finn found the mulch and dirt and we just let him have at it. They filled their buckets and cups up with water and splashed in their baby pool. It wasn’t the ideal weather to kick off summer, but we made due with what we had and they still found a way to have fun. 
To finish our busy weekend, Finn decided to take a beautiful red colored crayon and draw a mural across our new white sofa. (Yes we bought white, yes everyone thought/thinks we’re crazy, yes we still went for it and yes we love it). He drew on the outside of one arm, around and across the entire back and around to the other arm. When Mike first noticed it I thought he was kidding. After lots of tears, Mike trying to calm everyone down and me spending an hour and a half with my Norwex cloth, toothbrush and mixture of warm water and a few drops of White Ivory Soap it all came out! I told the hubby we needed to buy stock in Ivory and Norwex. I’m so thankful for these products as they’ve made mammin so much easier with all the messes and accidents that tend to happen with kids. I’m also thankful Pottery Barn makes an awesome products that’s durable with kiddos, even when it’s white and it meets a red crayon. 

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