Saturday, June 18, 2016

outdoor table revamp

Our third diy for the week is here. We were doing some last minute fixes tonight. We built our original outdoor dining table last year. We stained the legs a cedar color and painted the top white. I was going for a copy-cat look from a table I saw in Pottery Barn, but after a couple months we found the top constantly showing tons of dirt and it stained the white paint. The table looked terrible. On top of that we rushed trying to get it done in time to have brunch outside for Kensi’s birthday and put it together on our unleveled patio in the dark. It was bad, really bad. So it was time to fix our silly mistakes.

We took the table top apart since that was the wonky part and planned on just fixing what needed fixing. But that's really never the case, right? 
We ended buying new lumber, took it to our local wood mill and had it planed. We changed our design and kept it very simple. We modified Remodel-Aholic's plans by not adding the drink coolers or the pop out tops. Instead we just used 2x8 boards across the entire table and shortened the middle two in order to keep the aprons on the ends.
We went to work staining the entire table a dark, rich stain. It looks so much better and even though we know there's dirt, it doesn't show as much and it doesn't stain the table top. A quick wipe down before we use it and we're good to go! We also kept our galvanized chairs we bought in sets from Target; they are intended for indoor use so we sprayed them with an all weather spray to use them outdoors. They’ve held up great and I love the mix of wood and metal because it completes our Modern Farmhouse look we wanted without breaking the bank.

Source List
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Stain | Olympic Elite in Wenge Color
Carlisle Metal Dining Chairs | Target 

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