Monday, June 20, 2016

summer bucket list + summer favorites

Happy Summer!!! We are so excited summer is officially here (although it’s felt like summer for a little while now) and we’re sharing a few items from our list of summer to do’s for this year. This time was more fun than before since Kensi is older and can give some great suggestions for our bucket list. I know this summer is going to fly by and I want to spend as much time soaking up the fun with my crazy little kiddos before Baby Girl gets here in late summer. 

1. Movies in the park
2. Visit the aquarium 
3. Make homemade popsicles & ice cream
4. Make an outdoor game
5. Pack a picnic and spend the day at the beach while making sandcastles
6. Take a trip to visit friends
7. See fireworks at the beach
8. Blueberry picking
9. Visit a new city
10. Make a summer pie

We took the kids to their first movie in the theatre over the weekend, which was one of our items on the summer bucket list. I was all sorts of happy to see their two little faces light up when the theatre was dark and the movie began. They stuffed their mouths with popcorn and were thrilled to get special treats just for the occasion. It was so adorable to see both of them needed to share one seat because it kept flipping up on them. I loved everything about the whole experience. I look forward to more movie dates with our two little loves.
Plus on another note, there are a few summer must haves to make this a great summer for our little fam. Fun, everyday items are always better when they’re festive and fitting for the season like beach towels. Kensi has had so much fun finding the best items to use the next few months.

My summer bucket list is more of a nesting-diy-house project list before this sweet new baby arrives. I’m sure we won’t get much of it done and it will continue into the fall, but it’s okay because it’s still something to look forward to.

1. Paint baby’s room
2. Finish nursery
3. Paint kitchen cabinets & add hardware
4. Replant shrubs in front of house
5. Add built-ins next to the fireplace
6. Buy an ottoman for the living room
7. Reorganize the playroom
8. Prep freezer meals
9. Paint the remaining main floor
10. Organize the garage

So much to do in so little time, we have less than two months until we meet our sweet baby girl!

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