Thursday, April 28, 2016

feeding favorites

From the first days of breastfeeding to picky little preschoolers, the last four years have been a learning game when it comes to feeding essentials. Our two kids have picked up different eating habits throughout each stage and what worked for one didn't necessarily work for the other. We've gone through different types of utensils, snack cups and sippy cups. Some have lasted for years and others didn't last a week! 
We're excited to meet the new babe and can't help but wonder if she'll be more like Kensi or Finn or maybe she'll be a total game changer and do things in an entirely different way. But before I share our favorite feeding essentials thus far lets chat about how different Kensi and Finn were from the beginning with just breastfeeding and transitioning into food. 

Had some difficulty latching on
Breastfed from the beginning
No cracking
Consistent eater
Allowed me to pump & build a milk supply
Happily took a bottle
Breastfed until 18 months
Hard to wean
Left me engorged & in pain
Started oatmeal at 4 months and baby food at 5 months
Began baby led eating at 6 months with sweet potato & avocado

Today Kensi is developing her taste buds and has become a little picky with certain foods like onions and mushrooms. If we have something more often she becomes burnt out and declares she no longer likes that particular food. She doesn't eat much, but will eat what she's given if it means she can have dessert. 

Latched on immediately and ate for 40 minutes
No cracking 
Not a consistent eater
Hated the bottle
Didn't allow me to pump, not a good milk supply
Breastfed until 14 months
Weaned easily without pain or engorgment 
Tried oatmeal at 5 months, skipped consistent baby food
Started baby led eating at 5 months with avocado, cauliflower & peaches

Finn hated bananas early on. He refused to eat anything mixed with bananas which is why baby food wasn't much of an option. After his first birthday he decided he likes bananas and will eat one every day. Finn will eat mostly anything we out in front of him, but can be a litter erie about chicken and carrots.

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Now let's chat about feeding essentials. Like I said we've gone through several different types of cups, utensils and serve ware. It's a question I get asked often. When Kensi was little she was a calm eater and never threw anything off her tray. I often used small glass appetizer plates and she still uses them.  I found them at Target as they're the perfect size for little hands. Finn is more aggressive and likes to play overboard with everything. The only time he usually gets a glass plate is when they're enjoying a mess free snack while watching their morning cartoon. Another item which may seem odd are our utensils. Real silverware has worked great once the kids have figured out how to use utensils. Most kitchen stores carry mini sets to use for cocktails & appetizers, but they work awesome for little hands and they aren't so bulky for the kids to handle. 
Sippy cups have always been an issue for us. Neither of the kids have done well with tipping a cup up. It took Kensi until she was over two years old and Finn has also struggled with it. We often go for cups with straws such as Camelbak. Our only downside we have is Finn bites the silicone mouth piece which can cause it to tear and allow drips, so keeping extra valve spouts on hand are helpful.

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