Sunday, April 3, 2016

love notes

The past couple weeks I have been loving on my family and just taking in the simple acts of love that so commonly go unnoticed. I’m forever grateful for my sweet and growing crew and there are many days I feel like I’m pulling my hair out, but there’s no way I would change any of it. 

5. On the weekends, if my husband makes it downstairs before I do, he usually has my coffee made and waiting for me, along with HGTV on the television. Unless one of the babes makes it before me, then it's usually some show from Disney Jr.. 

4. Whether it's just because or when I give her a mini bowl of chocolate chips, Kensi's sweet words of, 'Mom, you're the greatest mom in the whole world' will overwhelm me with tears, because many times a day do we think we're doing everything wrong and we just pray to God we raise our kids to be good, kind humans. 

3. When my husband comes home from work and both our kids scream with joy and run with everything they have to meet him with the squeeziest hug they can give. They absolutely adore him as their hero and I’m beyond blessed to call him my husband and the father of my children.

2. Each morning when my babies wake up they both give me morning hugs and kisses. It's the first thing we do every single day, followed by 'where's daddy??' 

1. Listening to my husband sing praise and worship songs to the radio in the car is probably one of the most attractive things I've ever encountered and my daughter is now noticing which songs we sing in church and whether she knows the words or not, she sings her heart out.

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