Wednesday, April 13, 2016

the good, the bad, the sweet & the ugly

I feel like some weeks are spilling over with ridiculously crazy things such as finding Finn in the pantry trying to eat a bulb of garlic with the paper peel stuck to his lips, hands and tongue or wondering why the garage door keeps going up and down as we’re unloading the groceries only to find the kids didn’t think the button did anything.

Truth be told, everyone goes through ups and downs and has really awful moments they’re ashamed of and some where they're so proud they wonder if anyone else saw what just happened. Parenting is so hard. And although we sympathize with other parents, sometimes our moment can be so great it feels as if no one can top it. Maybe my crazy moments will make you feel better or at least let you know that we all have days like these.

1. Being pregnant (multiple times) means your body no longer holds anything in place especially when you cough or sneeze. And sometimes that sneeze is coming no matter what you’re doing or hard you try to stop it. Such as walking in the parking lot after leaving the grocery store and wearing a skirt.  

2. Turn your back for 1 minute and you may hear your three old screaming from your bathroom that something is very wrong with your one year old’s hands. First thoughts as you’re running to help is blood everywhere from who knows how or what they got into, but luckily he’s sitting in the shower covered in shaving cream. 

3. Kensi has been finding new ways to make shapes and signs with her fingers. We had to chat with her about only having the middle finger up, after she thought it was the coolest trick she discovered.

4. I attempted to put the new crib together myself doing the day, you know with two babes running around. After one’s endless whining and the other with no listening skills got the best of me, I put them both in their beds, shut the doors and walked away. I needed a moment to myself, to cry it all out. Hard.

5. The kids napped for over three hours earlier this week. It was amazing. When they both woke up all they wanted to do was snuggle, read books and eat Goldfish crackers. They were amazingly sweet and kept ‘I love you so much’ on repeat for a good hour.

Moments like these can feel far and few between especially when we get caught up in everyday life, but whether it’s a good or bad day, a snugglefest or a war zone, soak it upend hang in there mamas, for everything is a phase and too soon it will be gone.

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