Wednesday, April 6, 2016

four months

*Photo was taken a couple weeks late. Here I’m actually closer to five months than four months, but we’re close enough.
How Far Along: 4 Months
Weight Gained: 4 lbs 
Nausea: A little heartburn.
How Am I Feeling: I feel great! 
Maternity Clothes: Not quite, I’m still fitting in my jeans!
Sleep: I’m getting lots of sleep and still able to somewhat sleep on my stomach with an added pillow.
Cravings: Potatoes in all forms, fruit & smoothies.
Food Aversions: I cringe at the thought of leftovers!
Movement: I’m beginning to feel little swims and flutters.
Belly Button In or Out: Out! 
Gender: Unknown. 
Names: No idea yet.
What I'm Looking Forward To: We’re discussing finding out the gender this time!
What's Different With This Pregnancy: I’m not showing anywhere near like I did with Finn even though at the time I swore I was carrying similar to Kensi. I was in denial. They were so different! This time I’m definitely feeling more like I started with Kensi.
What I'm Missing: Coffee!!!!!!
How Are We Preparing: We’re trying to decide if we’ll make a new nursery or pair the new babe up with Kensi or Finn.

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