Thursday, April 14, 2016

high chair comparison

In four years we've only purchased a countertop high chair and did that once we had Finn. When we moved we took my mom's wooden high chair she had as a baby. I love the history it comes with, but it's really not ideal anymore. It's wood so it absorbs nearly everything, especially yogurt and its gross to clean up. Our countertop high chair is awesome as it's comfortable, travels well and can be thrown in the wash machine for easy cleaning. But it does have its faults as well. That easy cleaning always requires a wash machine so when it's dirty and the baby needs to eat, we're kind of S.O.L..
We decided to start looking at free standing high chairs to replace my mom's. Finn loves to be close when I'm cooking and I love the mobility of a free standing chair. Along with welcoming another babe soon we will be needing the extra chair. We started looking and comparing some of our favorites. We like modern clean lines and something that will function well for our family.

1 | Stokke Trip Trap | The ultimate chair for an entire family. Stylish, modern and innovated. It’s not over the top and would blend well with any household. This chair doesn’t adjust by height, but it does grow with the baby up to an adult. 
2 | 4Moms | This is one of the newest products from 4Moms. They make several awesome baby gear items and I would love to have them all. Their highchair adjusts by height to fit at most tables which is great for growing with the baby. The tray is also magnetic and can easily be attached and removed with a single hand for all us mamas juggling a baby on the hip and a toddler on the leg.
3 | Boon | This is probably one of the most modern chairs available. Reviewed as very easy to clean and offers a bold pop of color. It includes a foot-activated lift for height adjustment and also sits on wheels for easy gliding across floors.
4 | Baby Bjorn | I’m most attracted to this chair’s style. I love the combination of clean lines, color and simplicity. Some of the features include a large knob to lock and unlock the tray and can be easily folded up and stored when not in use. This chair is shorter than most. At just 33 inches tall, it’s meant for dining tables and more interaction between parents and baby during meal times.
5 | Phil & Teds | The really cool thing about this high chair is the way it grows with the child. The legs can be shortened to become a child-size chair at play table height. This allows the chair to be multi-functional. You would need a new one with every kid if you use it in that way, but at one of the lowest priced out of the bunch you can afford to do so. My biggest fear with this chair is we are all super clumsy and one, if not all of us, would trip over its legs.

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