Friday, January 13, 2017

Kiddo Day Date

Happy Friday the 13th!!!! I know so many people who find this day superstitious, but it’s always been one of my favorites and today didn’t disappoint! Every so often Mike and I love taking the kids out for a family date, but since Olivia was born we haven’t made much time for specific dates. Kensi and Finn have watched Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas a few too many times and asked if we could go ice skating sometime so we added it to our winter bucket list this year. We were a little nervous thinking of Finn trying to ice skate since he just turned two, is quite clumsy and still isn’t speaking more than a handful of words which are almost always consisting of ear piercing screams, but we decided to go ahead and take him anyways.

We knew this would-not, could-not be a zone defense, but had to be man to man. So today we dropped Olivia off with some friends so we could have some one-on-one quality time with Kensi and Finn skating. We were thrilled to learn our ice rink has skate sled rentals which really help kids (and adults) to learn how to skate. We sat the kids on the bench and began lacing up the cutest little skates we ever did see and almost immediately Finn started melting down due to just wearing the skates. He hated the way they felt. Of course he couldn’t stand and you can only imagine a two year old trying to have a small tantrum wearing ice skates. It just doesn’t work.

We quickly laced Kensi up and moved to the door and placed our skate sleds on the ice and a babe into each one. Mike and I exchanged looks of fear and anxiety. We knew this was about to be an epic disaster as neither one of them could stand holding the sled. We quickly got over our fear and decided to tackle this outing and burst into laughter. If we were going down, we were doing so having fun.

Finn somehow figured out how to keep his little legs straight and toes tucked under the front of skate sled, which only made us have to hold his arms and the sled together and push him around. Kensi quickly caught on and before long we were sliding and gliding with ease and happy faces. The kids LOVED IT! Finn was screaming “WOOO WOOO!!!!” each time around. We were so proud of Kensi too. After a few laps of learning the feeling of gliding, she decided to try it on her own. She only fell a couple times, but did awesome for her first try!

After several laps around, we began to race each other with the kids and their faces were lit up with joy. Lap after lap, Mike and I began feeling the aches set in from constantly bending down to push the sleds and skate simultaneously. We finally called it quits and waddled off the ice as our legs and backs began to slowly ache with pain. Our noses and cheeks were rosy red from the chill, but as soon as we stepped back outside we were pleasantly greeted with warm 76 degree weather. The benefits of living in the south!

We finished out family date by heading to the coffee shop for hot cocoas and cookies on the patio. It was a pretty great way to cross yet another item off our supposed winter bucket list!
Here’s to the weekend, make it great! xo

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