Monday, January 9, 2017

Valentine Style

As each new holiday approaches I am a sucker for cute clothes for the kids. Now that we have three it's actually fun (and a little annoying) to find outfits and pieces that coordinate. It's easy finding pieces for the girls, but it can be difficult finding something for Finn. I typically try and get matching pieces from sister stores like Gap and Old Navy since the styles and colors are almost always similar and there is ALWAYS a sale. However, I absolutely love picking up things from small shops like our favorite sweats from Childhoods Clothing and and leotards from Alice + Ames.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve actually spent time shopping for Mike and I. It’s usually a quick grab when we know we need something like a sweater because it shrunk by accidentally getting thrown into the dryer or a new shirt because the one currently be worn has a hole. It happens more often than I really like to admit. We definitely don’t prioritize our wardrobe, but it’s fun to be able to add a new piece here and there. Typical we shop for neutral basic pieces that can be worn a bazillion different ways, but I am loving these comfy tops from Aerie for the cold winter days. Plus, anyone who knows me well, knows I can’t pass up fun + festive socks!

Happy Monday friends! Here’s to a great first full week back to the grind!

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