Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter Bucket List

It always seems everything winter-ish gets jammed and rushed into this itty-bitty window of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but winter has just begun! There's still so much time, a good three months, to sip hot cocoa, cozy up by the fire, and walk in a winter wonderland. I feel like once Christmas has passed, the stores are stocking swimsuits and gardening equipment. Didn't we just see all those go to clearance a few weeks ago? How is it possible winter always seemed to be the longest season when we lived in Nebraska, but now that we're in North Carolina it feels like the shortest. We sometimes get ice, very rarely do we see snow, but there's still so many fun winter to dos for a winter bucket list. 

We’ve been spending the last few cold days snuggled up on the couch with blankets on blankets, building forts in the living room and watching movies. Somehow we missed all the beautiful snow that sprinkled the southeast, but we still enjoyed cold temperatures and freezing rain. It doesn’t sound ideal, but we love having a day here and there that keeps us homebound. We watched The Secret Life of Pets repeatedly over the weekend and the kids still can’t get enough. Hearing them laugh at the silly scenes is absolutely one of the sweetest things to a parent. We love watching their personalities grow and their individual humor come to life. Finn’s laugh is contagious. He thinks it hilarious when the bunny accidentally poops! 

We have a few family dates planned to cross some items off our bucket list the next couple months and I can hardly wait! I know the kids are going to love everything winter has to offer!

Ice skating
Build a snowman 
Make sand angels (Hoping for snow angels)
Try a different hot cocoa flavor
Enjoy a snow/ice day 
Read a book by the fire
Cut paper snowflakes
Sleep on flannel sheets
Make chicken soup with homemade noodles
Mix up glitter play dough + slime
Go sledding (does sledding on ice count??)  
Purchase a pair of warm, fuzzy socks
Have a camp out the night before an ice day 
Build a fort with twinkle lights
Watch the ball drop 
Make + bake a crumble
Send sweet love notes

Share some of your favorite winter to dos in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!


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