Friday, January 27, 2017

Three + Four Month Favorites

The last couple of months have been a little bit of a blur with all the holidays and festivities we had going on. Olivia is now five months and rolling around everywhere. She’s competing with Finn for our chunkiest baby. Her rolls are the squishiest, most adorable thing EVER and she just keeps adding to them. It actually makes me sad to think once she starts crawling her lovable baby fat is going to melt away.

Around four months, she dove into the infamous sleep regression and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since. She loves to snuggle to no end and has been trying to roll to sleep on her tummy. She absolutely hates it when I roll her onto her back and screams at the top of her lungs. She hasn’t quite figured out to turn her head when on her tummy and often puts her face straight down, which of course is never good and freaks me out....hence why she screams at me.
She’s also notorious for spitting up and exploding out of her diapers. We recently went up a size due to all of her 17 lbs of squishy chunk. I think Kensi was only around 20 lbs by the time she turned one, Livie is setting new goals. We’ve continued to use some of our favorites listed on the first and second month favorites and don’t have too many new ones to add right now, but here’s but we’re currently using and loving for our sweet baby girl.

| Sound Machine | We’ve always used a sound machine with Finn because it seemed to help him sleep better through the night. He’s had to share the last month or so because Olivia does not sleep well in silence. She’s the one baby who sleeps or will fall asleep when the vacuum is running and the kids are running around screaming. The more noise, the better she sleeps.

| Swing | We have both the MamaRoo and the Rockaroo by 4Moms. When we brought Olivia home from the hospital we immediately used the Rockaroo for the ease of moving it around. She loves this swing and often naps in it, however we can’t get her to give the same love to the MamaRoo as Finn did.

| Como Tomo Bottle | Kensi loves helping me with Olivia. She’s always one to grab the diapers and wipes when needed and is never far from Olivia. One of her favorite things to do for Olivia is feeding her a bottle. Kensi often asks me if I would like to pump milk for her baby sissy so she can feed her. We’ve tried different bottles with each of our kids, but our favorite right now is the Como Tomo. 

| BabyGanics Lotion | Livie has very dry skin and several little eczema patches on her legs. arms and will even get them on the sides of her face. We use Babyganics Lotion to help hydrate her sensitive skin and does the trick every time. I even use it on my dry spots and it’s been a dream! Buh-bye dry skin!

| Apple Music | We joined Apple music a few months ago and it has literally been a lifesaver during nap time. I love downloading the lullabies, especially this one. Its my favorite and totally beats listening to an instrumental rendition of twinkle little star on repeat.

I can hardly believe we’ll soon be embarking on all things food related to this little chunk, I can only imagine how many more rolls she’ll acquire in the next couple months...hopefully a lot!

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