Thursday, February 16, 2017

be mine forever valentine

Valentine’s day sorta snuck up on us this year. I was planning and planning fun things for the kids to do all month and I felt like I still had so much time until it was here and I spent all my time planning and not doing. Luckily, our day of love was still everything it should have been and the kids didn’t even skip a beat.

The night before Mike picked up balloons and cards for the babes and I was busy putting together an easy make ahead french toast bake, which leftovers are still in the fridge for the morning. We kept things very simple and surprised Kensi and Finn with a box of cake pops instead of the usual heart day candy and stuffed animals. When the kids finally woke up Kensi’s eye was red, tearing and all sorts of yuck. My immediate fear was pink eye. Ugh! Not what anyone really wants to wake up to especially on a fun little festive holiday. Luckily, my fears were put to ease and instead of pink eye she got her first ear infection. Not bad for almost being five. I was happy to take an ear infection as it meant we could go on with our day as usual.

Kensi and Finn handed out little Valentines to their sweet little friends and played for hours with balloons in the playroom. It amazes me how each year and each holiday how much they grow, but so does their excitement. I adore how much they love to celebrate and decorate for each upcoming holiday. They’re the most festive little bunch of kiddos and I could just eat them up! Here’s to making so many more memories filled with so much love for years to come with my forever little valentines. We hope your day was filled with just as much love!


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