Monday, February 13, 2017

Date 6: Unplanned Illness

We were excited to mix up our date nights and try to plan something out of the house, but all hope was lost after Friday’s nap time. Friday delivered cold temps and our entire house had a slight chill. Kensi mentioned she was 'so cold' and decided to snuggle up on the couch with a cozy blanket. We knew something was up when she fell asleep because for her to actually nap is rare. Chills, napping...we knew she must have a fever and sure enough we were right. We were suppose to join some friends for dinner and had to cancel, which also cancelled any hope of leaving the house for date night. We were stuck homebound another week.

Mike decided to make the most of it and planned a steakhouse dinner in. We’re always trying new recipes and he stumbled across this filet +mustard cream with mushrooms. (Ours does not look like the photo at photo fail?!?) Better plating for next time! He paired it with roasted cauliflower, one of our favorite sides, and our go to red wine blend Carnivore. Dinner was absolutely declious and what Mike thought would a great night to watch It Follows on Netflix. Oh my gosh, so terrible! The movie was legit creepy, but the premise of the movie was just bad. So bad! So we started to binge watch a new Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet. However, after a couple episodes we both fell asleep on the couch and woke up in a complete daze not sure where we were or what was going on. The absolute worst way to way up! We slowly made our way upstairs and  called it a night. Not exactly the date we had in mind for this week. 

So here’s to those unplanned dates, that go arye. The ones that are so casual that it becomes increbily evident how much you truly love the crazy person snoring on the couch next to you. The ones that include a happily sleeping infant in your arms. The ones where the kids get sick and the plans unexpectedly change. The ones were where the expectation for the date are so much and someone just can’t quite make it to bed. Everyone needs these dates just to remember that hey this is real life, this is our life, this is our family, our circus and our love. These dates are sometimes my most favorite of all. 

But we’re totally getting out of the house this next week! 


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