Friday, February 10, 2017

Kitchen Cabinets: Halfway There

Today seems like a good day for a little kitchen update. If you’ve been following along with us we’re currently making over our builder-grade cookie cutter house in coastal North Carolina. We purchased our new home the end of 2013 and added very minimal upgrades during our design studio appointment. Nearly all our upgrades were structural, not cosmetic. Fast forward three years later and here we are making our house our home one little project at a time. We started painting our kitchen cabinets in November and built our own custom box to frame the refrigerator. The upper cabinets are done and now we’re working on the lower cabinets.

We recently found this perfect little drop down farmhouse table at a local consignment shop. It was pretty much love at first site. We love the natural color and imperfections and plan to add wheels to the bottom to easily roll it out of the way and use it throughout our living space. As for the projects in the kitchen we’ve accomplished quite a bit, but still have a ways to go. So far we’ve added trim to the bottom of the upper cabinets along with new crown moulding, pulled the cabinet above the fridge out, removed the microwave and painted the upper cabinets. 

With it being January our temperatures fluctuate between warm and cold which keeps us on our toes about which phase we can work on each weekend. We had planned to paint the lower cabinets over Super Bowl weekend, but our temperatures dropped, preventing us from painting. Instead we decided to move forward with wrapping our lower cabinets and peninsula with 1/8 inch plywood (6 inch wide strips) for a shiplap design. We decided instead of painting the cheap material already there we may as well cover it and saw a perfect opportunity to add more character and design into the space. Every little piece helps our cabinets transform from generic and basic to a more customized piece as a whole.

We are loving the transformation even if it moves slowly. There's a certain kind of pride that comes with taking these projects on ourselves and finishing them  all on our own. Of course it would be wonderful to have this whole kitchen done quickly and steadily, but there's a big trade off. So as we continue to work one weekend at a time we are constantly looking ahead at the next step and know we will soon have this project complete.

To the another weekend of painting, sanding + moving one step closer to the finish line!
Happy Friday friends.


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