Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Date 7: Downtown Hop

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have caught our date night last Friday. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and our seventh date we finally got out of the house and pseudo planned a night for a progressive dinner. This is probably our favorite date night idea, but it needs some planning because it's more costly leaving several different tips for each restaurant.

We drove downtown to our river front where it’s always bustling on Friday and Saturday night. We had no idea where we would start, but started walking and stepped into the first place that caught our interest. The Fortunate Glass. I’ve been excited to try this quaint little wine bar for some time after I opted out of my last girls night being nine months pregnant. Inside we grabbed a seat in the tiny cozy booth perfect for two. This is a great little spot for trying small portions of wine, beer and good food. We each ordered our drinks; a crisp Chenin Blanc wine for me and Bells Amber Ale for Mike. We sipped and nibbled on a little antipasto plate and vowed to come back to share a bottle of wine in celebration of a big milestone in the near future.

Our next top was for our main entree. We decided we wanted to go somewhere that was casual and friendly, where we could eat at the bar and just enjoy. We walked to Docks Oyster Bar which reminded us of Faidely’s in the Lexington Market in Baltimore. We found a couple chairs open at the bar and ordered a couple beers and put in our dinner order. By hoping around to different restaurants, it allows us to try several different foods and try different places all in one night. We split everything we ordered so we didn’t order too much food, preventing us from being able to make our next stop. At Dock’s we enjoyed oysters rockafellar and a steamed plate of crab, shrimp, oysters, mussels and clams. Since we live in a beach town it just felt so right to have seafood. This is the type of place where it’s perfectly normal and encouraged to get a little messy. The food was delicious and it definitely hit the spot as we’ve been needing a fix of seafood for a while.

After a couple drinks and laughing hysterically, we ventured off to find dessert.
Mike was feeling cheesecake and YoSake was about to start happy hour so we climbed the beautiful staircase to dine on a little sushi and caramelized banana fried cheesecake. By the time we were done with dessert and walking the streets of the river front, the bars were spilling with college students and twenty-somethings. We’ve always found it interesting to people watch and Friday did not let us down. While leaving one of the restaurants we over heard one girl complaining to another guy about how she deserves to be treated, she was venting about an ex boyfriend. When the girl finally took a long enough breath for the guy to get a word in, he desperately spits out “You know what I say? Every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball.” Mike and I were absolutely dying with laughter. We so badly wanted to shout YES MAN! as it’s clearly a line from the movie. And that’s how we knew that moment was our cue to leave. We no longer fit into the downtown scene as we are clearly parents who stay in on the weekends watching the latest flick that’s finally available at Redbox. We were aching to go home, hold our babies and go to bed. I think that’s the beauty of thirties, we are too old to do the whole clubbing thing anymore, but I’m so grateful for’s exhausting. Plus it’s more fun to bounce around restaurants for food and drinks rather than bars for drinks and lame pick up lines.

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