Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resolutions: February

The month of what feels like ten weeks long is finally over and I happily welcome February. January always seems like the never ending month. To think we celebrated Christmas just a month ago seems insane and forever ago. I’m ready for a new month, a fresh start and to begin another healthy habit for the year. Many of you have followed along as Mike and I have shared our weekly dates and it’s very humbling that several of our friends, family and neighbors have reached out to us and shared how our simple resolution inspired them to do the same. We had no idea our little idea would spark so much interest and we are so excited many of you are wanting to invest in your own relationships!

February always gets me ready for spring. It triggers a love for cleaning, purging and organizing. Earlier this week I went through the kids’ toys (again) in the playroom. It’s shocking how many little things we accumulate without even realizing it. Whether it’s stuffed animals, trinkets or the never ending drawings and stickers. We are swimming in drawings and stickers. How we keep all of it under control and not let it take over our lives, well that’s for another post, another day. 

I may love cleaning and organization, but I’m faulty in the fact I am not consistent. Some days it seems as if there’s just so much that’s piled up and it’s easier to turn away and do something else. Case in point, our laundry. 

I actually enjoy gathering the dirty laundry, loading it into the machine and switching it over. It makes me feel accomplished and that I have my act together. My biggest downfall is after it’s dry. I hate folding it and putting it away. Absolutely hate it and I don’t really know why. Most days if you walk upstairs to our hall it will be littered with clean laundry, sorted into each person’s pile, but rarely folded. And it will sit and sit and sit for days. It’s a terrible habit and I like to blame our lack of closet storage on this, but the reality is I just don’t like doing it. However, when I get enough motivation and courage to tackle the mountains of clothes, fold them and put them away I literally feel like Super Woman. It’s the best feeling. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? You may very well be thinking I’m a crazy nut who is seriously complaining about putting laundry away. It’s such a simple task, but we all have our downfalls. I don’t know what yours is, but mine is laundry. 

I’m using February as my starting point for getting my laundry regime down and under control. Because I want to feel like Super Woman every day and not let my high be stolen because of a pile of clean clothes. So friends and family, any and all tips for how you keep your laundry routine simple and easy to manage whether it be how you fold, organize your closet, or schedule to wash....please share and send your tips my way!

Happy February and may organizing be ever in my (and your) favor.

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