Monday, February 6, 2017

Date 5: Date Night Foot Soak

We were in much need of a night off from everything, but that’s never possible here. 
Whether a guy likes to admit it or not, there is no doubt he enjoys being pampered. It was my week to plan our date and I wanted to create something relaxing without and allowed us to stay home. All we really wanted to do was take a night off so I knew a night of pampering would be ideal for this week.

One thing many don’t know about Mike is he LOVES to be pampered. He thoroughly enjoys foot soaks, body massages and pedicures, all of which I enjoy giving to him. It was a perfect night for just that, so instead of heading to an expensive spa for the evening I recreated our very own in our living room.

I decided cooking was completely off the table this week and we put an order in for takeout. I sent Mike to go pick it up and while he was gone I gathered every candle we own and scattered them throughout our living room. Sometimes I daydream about eating chinese food while being pampered so I figured why not. When Mike got back he walked into a dark house only lit by candles, wine and a hot foot soak waiting. 

After we had finished our food, we rubbed a YESto Miracle Oil mud mask (form Target) on each other’s face and pressed play to begin our movie. Date nights don’t have to be all about fancy food and overly adventurous. It’s good for the mind, body and soul to have relaxing dates in that can still be fun; although we are so due to get out of the house and be a little more adventurous....hmmmm thinking up something fun for next week!

Below I shared how I created our stimulating and relaxing foot soak. I used Young Living essential oils and not only did it feel great, but it also smelled amazing. Mike loved it and asked if we could do it again the next night, a definite win for a date night!

Date Night In: Foot Soak Recipe
1/3 cup Epsom Salt
4 drops YL Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops YL Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops YL Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
1 drop YL Patchouli Essential Oil

In a large tub or bowl, add epsom salt and essential oils. Fill with hot water to cover feet. Soak and enjoy the sweet aromas as you escape from the chaos of the day! 

So why did I choose these particular oils for our Date Night In?

Peppermint \\ This oil is naturally soothing and elevates + opens the sensory system.

Lavender \\ Always one of my favorite go to oils for literally everything! Lavender promotes health, love, peace a sense of well being.

Ylang Ylang \\ This is THE go to oil for DATE NIGHT! Not only is Ylang Ylang calming and relaxing, but it influences sexual energy and enhances relationships.

Patchouli \\ Naturally digests toxic material in the body. It is also sedating, calming + relaxing which allows it to reduce anxiety. Perfect for washing away the day’s stress.


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