Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Date 10: Late Night Date

My mom is here visiting for  a week during our outage schedule and Mike and I were able to sneak away for a little bit last night. We needed to catch up on our marriage devotional we're currently doing with our church life group and planned to work on it over a coffee date for a couple hours. As we were driving over the bridge and into downtown I asked Mike he if he would rather have coffee or  grab drinks by the river. Needless to say this was a no brainer because having a sporadic date like such was rare, so to the river we went. For a Friday night it was eerily quiet in our particular restaurant, but just a couple blocks away the streets were bustling with vendors for our local festival.

We decided to grab a couple appetizers and sips on the back patio. We sipped on gin + tonics, our go to cocktail, and enjoyed crab dip and oysters. Our waiter was chatty since we were one of the few parties in his section and shared he grew up in Maryland. Of course that sparked conversation and we mostly discussed how crab cakes are only tasty made the Maryland way, with very minimal filler. While recommending a few of his favorite items on the menu he said the crab cakes were okay and had some filler....that means you don’t order them. 

As we finished our meal and headed outside we quickly realized we have become southerners. It was 60 degrees F outside and by any measure of a true midwesterner this is considered beautiful weather, but we were freezing! We felt so shameful as we ran to our car and quickly turned up the heat and the seat warmers. Our only defense is the type of cold here is very different, it’s a wet cold due to the being so close to the water compared to Nebraska. You may or may not find that a reasonable excuse, but that’s what we’re sticking with, ha!

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