Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

We’ve had a great week which has completely made up for the last five we were drowning in toddler tantrums, late night dinners and pure exhaustion. Mike and I finally feel back to our normal selves and just in time for some gorgeous spring weather here in coastal Carolina. Aside from the biting sand flies that seem to come around every spring (some call them noseeems, because you almost can’t see them, hahaha....they’re the devil’s bug, literally) we’ve enjoyed so much outside time with the kids running through the sprinklers, planting our garden and drawing up plans for our backyard patio. 

We getting everything we need ready for our herb garden we’re re-building and I’m so excited to use so many of the herbs in recipes I’ve been saving. This year I’m planting twice as much lavender to keep the mosquitoes away, but I also plant oodles of basil for cooking. I’m especially excited to use some of it this weekend to make this beautiful looking blackberry basil smash! One of my all time favorite mocktails is this grapefruit + rosemary one I made last spring. Both of these drinks will be perfect for sipping by the fire pit with my love.

While Mike and I have been busy planting, the kids have been having an absolute ball playing in their new water table. We quickly realized we had very little in terms of outdoor play and decided to purchase a heavy duty table that would last. I love the table design, but we quickly learned sand can scratch the coating off the surface.

I’ve been trying with all my might to organize the kids’ clothes and sort everything they’ve outgrown. It’s been a mountain in my bedroom for far too long, but the kids have outgrown so much in the last six months. Kensi loves wearing dresses which makes me so excited because I love them on her. A few of our favorites are from Alice & Ames and I’m totally crushing on Remi Girl's Sprinkle collection right now along with the new spring rompers from Childhoods Clothing for all three kiddos.

We are ready to kick our weekend off early this morning, so here’s to you, the weekend and sunshine!
Happy Friday friends!


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