Monday, April 24, 2017

Mini Swim Style

Beach season is nearly here and the pool is officially open! We spent much of our weekend outside and playing in the water and today it’s raining nonstop. My kids are so bummed and Finn even put on his swim trunks. I guess it’s his own little way of boycotting the rain.
My kids are ecstatic about spending our summer mornings playing in the sand and water. We vowed to take advantage of living at the beach this year since last year being pregnant was definitely not happening. I’ve been shopping around for each of the kids to have a couple different swim suits on hand since they’ll be living in them most of the summer. I’m obsessed with finding Kensi and Olivia matching patterns whereas Finn gets to ride out his own style. 

I’m usually one to be all about pink for the girls, but lately I’ve been feeling all the shades of blue, especially in florals. We recently got a pair of the Babiators for Finn because he loves to stretch and pull sunglasses. These are nearly indestructible and if you register them within the first 30 days the company will replace them up to one year if they break or get the beach, backyard or even in my van. 

We also love Saltwaters by Hoy sandals. We bought our first pair for Kensi a few years ago and they wear really well! They have a few different styles and lots of colors options. Our kids always do well them and can wear them dressed up or down. The best part...they’re water-proof!

Now it’s onto replacing a few of those sand toys that were lost and never found and hoping you have sunny skies and warm weather for a weekend of fun in the sun!



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