Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

This was our first full weekend together in over a month and it was such a relief to just be together!  We recently got a new children’s Bible for the kids and have been reading it nearly every day. Kensi loves retelling us the stories and asks the best questions about each story and illustration. After reading about the crucifixion she asked about the two thieves alongside Jesus and why they were being punished. So much information for a little four year to understand, but we are in awe of her love for Jesus and her thirst for learning about Him and trying to become more like Him each day.

Our Easter was definitely one for the books this year as Finn and the girls were up at 3:30 and 4:30am. Our day started early and it was filled with coffee, church, coffee, good food, coffee, cranky children and outdoor water play. Our kids loved their Easter baskets and doll house. Finn especially loves playing with the double swinging door. Kensi has added all her Calico Critters to the house and  plays with them as Finn adds dinosaurs, Legos, and literally anything that will fit through the door and accompanies each door swing with the cutest little ‘ah-llo!” (Hello).

Kensi and Finn very much enjoyed their marshmallows, the only candy-ish thing we put in their baskets and ate all day!!! Such a big parent win for us since we ate way too much candy while my mom was visiting. Their bubble wands were a HUGE hit. We must have been born in a barn because this is the first year we’ve added those and they make the best bubbles! Finn’s boats have already been added to the bath toy stash and Kensi made it very clear she wasn’t excited to see new socks in her basket, but excited to have a new doll. Olivia was disappointed she couldn’t eat a marshmallow with her sibs, but she settled for a handmade wooden & silicone teether I picked up at a local boutique and lots of mama snuggles during her nap in the afternoon.

Our day had a lot of highs and a lot of lows, but it was ours.


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