Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Age: 10 months
Weight: 20lbs
Firsts: Clapping! 
Events: We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and Easter
Travel: None
Foods: She's eating again! Our little foodie is back. She has started eating more soft table foods, but really likes to chew on raw fruits and veggies. Some of her favorites are peppers, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber and cauliflower. She will not eat pureed foods or cereal for either of us anymore. She also had her first taste of bacon and refused to give it up!
Favorite Toys: Anything she can chew on, including the furniture. I thought we had a baby, not a puppy!
Favorite Thing to Do: She loves taking every book off the shelf. She searches for her Duck & Goose books and flips through the pages making her cute little girly noises.
Sitting Up: Yes
Rolling Over: Yes
Crawling: YES, and she's going up the stairs.
Walking: Not yet, but she's walking around all the furniture and beginning to free stand.
Smiling: Yes 
Talking: Yes, repetitive words.
If talking, what words: Dada, Lala, Ni-Ni (night night)
Sleeping Through the Night: Off and on.
Other: She really enjoys pulling out her Duck & Goose books. She'll find one, bring it over and sit on my lap; at the end of Goose Needs a Hug she gives Goose kisses. Can my heart seriously melt anymore??? She is also all about babies. When we're out and about she points to every little kidlit she sees. She'll also carry around the Babies 'R Us and BabyGap flyers we receive in the mail pointing and giving kisses to the babies on the pages. She also learned how to stand in the shopping cart, giving us heart attacks, good thing she listens when we tell her to put her butt back down...although she usually ends up fake crying. Lastly, she thinks she is just so funny! She has to join in when everyone is laughing....her laugh is sometimes fake and obnoxious, but still so sweet.

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  1. awwe!! she is so sweet. Matthew hasn't tried vinegar i'm sure his face would go crazy lol, I did give him a taste of a salt and vinegar chip though haha. Happy 10 months little one!!


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