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If you ask our close friends about where I do most of my shopping they will immediately tell you the Gap. And it's no different when it comes to Kensington's wardrobe. Aside from my personal love for Gap, I have found BabyGap to be the most true to size in their clothing for Kensi. She still can fit into some of her 3-6 month sized leggings, tops and jackets. 
This is seriously one of my most favorite outfits of hers from last year. This was a 0-3 months size and she wore it well for 5 months.

I wash all of her clothes in cold/warm water and everything goes into the dryer to make my life easier. I haven't had any issues with over shrinking, stitches coming out or the loss of buttons and embellishments or holes.
Sometimes their clothing lines are hit and miss. I don't buy from every clothing line/trend they offer. I try and buy items that will last as long as possible. But BabyGap is great about hitting the trends as well. 
| Polka Dot Dress - Gap | Striped Tights - Old Navy |

Some of our favorite items that my hustband and I don't believe you could ever go wrong on, are the BabyGap pajamas, or jams as we call them, leggings, hats and onesies. The jams (one piece or two) fit so snug and nice! They also have super cute prints and patterns for every season. 
I loved these gray shorts with the attached tights so much, I bought them in the 3-6 and 6-12 month sizes.

| BabyGap Pajamas - last season |

Baby shoes are so adorable, but not super practical and Kensi would never keep them on when she was itty bitty. She does much better now that she's getting bigger. I really like the look of footed one pieces, but they just don't work for Kensi. She somehow always seems to lose her legs inside and becomes a mermaid with both legs in one pant leg. I really don't know how she manages to do it, but she does. 
Kensi also has a pair of the BabyGap denim jeans, shorts and skirts. The shorts haven't yet been worn, but she wore her skirt last fall and has been wearing her jeans more and more.
These are from Carters, but see what I'm talking about with the mermaid legs? The poor girl couldn't move!

I know Gap can seem expensive, but I think we've bought maybe two items at full price. Gap is constantly having sales whether in the store or online and if you're not buying something that's on sale, then wait a few days, because you'll run into a sale at least once during the week if not more. I also have a GapCard which for me is totally worth it because we buy most of Kensi's clothes from there, it just gets paid off after each purchase and bonus you get additional sales and promotions for being a card also get money back to use in the store! 
| Striped Dress |
She wore it as a dress for the first few months, but once it started getting small in length, we wore it as a top with some leggings.

So if you haven't yet, head on over to BabyGap and just check it out! 

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