Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We hope you all had a very blessed Easter! This was our first Easter celebrating back home in Omaha in 5 years! We were excited as usual for Kensi to experience yet another holiday especially with so many cousins. We had our usual brunch with my family and did an egg hunt in the front yard. Later, we spent time with Mike's family and were able to GRILL OUT! The weather was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend, but it wouldn't be Nebraska without some weird flippin' weather fiasco.....it snowed Sunday night, so that took care of that!
This is the first family picture we've taken in quite some time. Don't you just love her 'scrunchy' face here?!?!?!
Kensi was so excited to finally be able to play with the things in her basket. She found it a few days earlier and everytime she would try and take the bunny with the tutu, I wouldn't let her play with it so after many tears it felt so good to actually let her have it on Sunday.

Her scented Jelly Bean Bags were a HUGE HIT! She literally sucked the life out of the yellow one, it must have tasted/smelled good.

There was so much excitement once the family came over. With so many people Kensi refused to nap and when she did, it was difficult for her to sleep with the kidlits running around the house. So we had to work in a meltdown.

 Her first egg hunt was so exciting. She had no clue what to do and probably thought we had lost our minds when we were looking for plastic eggs, but she loved picking up the eggs and throwing them straight to the ground as they popped open with quarters spilling out everywhere.

I ended up picking up the rest of her eggs once she finally got bored.

To finish the day we tried so hard to get a cute picture of Kensi with her cousin Josie. They're about 9 months apart. I thought taking a picture of wiggly Kensi was difficult...nope these two proved me wrong....two is WAY more complicated and they made sure I knew!

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